In the idealized word of Cosplay, the young adults rule. But at the Japan Touch Copsplay ? Not sure ! The festival for ALL the cosplayers gives a chance to the 40 years old and above to show themselves, with a little fear, maybe, but also a round of applause on the main stage.

No contest, no registration, just a minute to make the audience laugh, cry and feel.
You have no complex in your 40 to 101 years, maybe more but be cautious, so show yourself in front of the main stage on Saturday at 11.45am. A little advice, if you are concerned and currently reading these lines, open – before starting – a dictionnary at the cosplay page (or google it if you move with the times) to check what is cosplay !
No contest, all winners
No youngster allowed, if you cheat, you’re out !
Saturday, 11.45am on the main stage.