Betachuu Show Idol

Find me on the stage Just 4 Dance for 15 minutes of show, I will give my best for you to have a good time to start with the mix of universes and by my energy!

Linda Le – Vampy Bit Me

Linda Le is a cosplayer from a small Oklahoma town currently residing in California. She loves to meet people and loves to spread her passions on Twitch.

Craft in Evolution

This exhibition on the theme of evolution, the making of Props (weapons / accessories Cosplay), will honor the eponymous Souledge sword of Soulcalibur.

“Cosplay is not consent” Exhibition

The action “Cosplay is not consent” aim to inform the public about the good behavior to take in front of cosplayers.

Aokiji Cosplay

His qualities in make-up and realization of wigs, allow him to extend his cosplays through various universes: mangas, video games, movies and many others.


His style is imbued with Dansou, Takarazuka, crossplay / crossdressing and Ikemen mixing travesty and Japanese tradition!


Reika, who came to the Japan Touch Cosplay 2018, friendly accepted to come back this year. Japanese cosplayer, she has been a guest in more than forty countries in Asia, Europe, USA and South America.She created more than 600 costumes ...


Thai and chinese cosplayer, Onnies is passionated by crafting and accessories. Jury member for the International Cosplay Contest.

Kids Cosplay show

You’re 15 years old or below, show yourself in front of the main stage on Sunday at 12.45p.m - Put an alert on your phone.

Senior Cosplay Show

the cosplayers gives a chance to the 40 years old and above to show themselves, with a little fear, maybe, but also a round of applause on the main stage.